Apply for any of our $500 InviteRight SchoolTools High School Scholarships

Please check back later for 2016 dates

1. $500 Acting Out Grad – Theatre Arts Scholarship Deadline – March 31, 2015
Show off your theatrics! Open to Grade 12 students applying for this scholarship should describe how they express themselves through music, acting or working behind-the-scenes.

2. $500 Sweat Your Way to Grad – Athletics Scholarship Deadline – April 30, 2015
Open to Grade 12 student athletes who demonstrates school spirit throughout the year. Include special awards (MVP, team captain, league championship, class president etc.)

3. $500 Making Grad Great – Graduation Scholarship Deadline – May 31, 2015
This scholarship goes to the Grade 12 student who best displays how they went the extra mile to make grad special at their school.

Submit links to videos, web pages or Facebook pages that highlight your contributions and show off all your great accomplishments.Include the name of the supporting teacher (dramateacher, athletic director, graduation coordinator) and also recommend an accompanying letter from the teacher. The winner and first runner up from each scholarship will be published in the SchoolTools newsletter June 12, 2015.