Booking Appointments

Appointments may be booked through the guidance office adminstrator, Mrs. Priddle, before school starting at 8:30, after school until 3:45, at break times, and from 12:15 – 1:00 (during lunch).  This protocol is in place to minimize disruptions to Mrs. Priddle’s very busy work day.  Your cooperation is much appreciated!

Be sure to bring your agenda or electronic device when you book an appointment so that you can record the date and time.  Bring your agenda to your guidance appointment so that your counsellor can sign you back in to class when the appointment is finished.

No appointment is necessary to process a course completion – your counsellor will fit you in between appointments.

Please remember that until you turn 18, parental/guardian consent is required for all course changes.  Your parent/guardian can send in a note with you to bring to your scheduled guidance appointment.

Please also check your school email account regularly, as your guidance counsellor may be trying to reach you to schedule an appointment.