Engineering Contest!

Please see this poster: engineering contest along with these additional details:

My name is Zuheb Khetani, and I am a 4th year Biotechnology student attending McMaster University. Myself along with four other individuals are planning an event associated with McMaster University and Earthquake Engineering Research Institute called “McMaster Earthquake Engineering Competition”. This event will consist of 75 highschool students from around Hamilton. Once the students have arrived at McMaster, they will be received and escorted by our event organizers to a central spot where they will get the opportunity to meet and greet McMaster engineering professors along with PhD students and other professionals. The students will then be exposed to the content and criteria of the competition, and will be split in groups of 5 and taken to their individual work rooms. Each group will have a few hours to construct a stable and physically appealing tower, along with a full presentation explaining their design and engineering concepts. At the end of the allocated time, all students will be asked to meet in the common room where they will be provided a pizza lunch. After lunch, each group will present their tower to the audience and will have their tower put on an actual earthquake simulator which mocks the effects of an earthquake. We will have PhD students and engineering professors grading and judging the tower based on different criteria’s along with its ability to withstand the earthquake simulator. The group with the highest graded tower wins the competition along with a prize for each member of the winning group. All students part-taking in the event will be provided a certificate of participation from McMaster. The event will be held on Saturday, November 28th, 2015 from 9 am to 5 pm (could be potentially shorter) and cost of the event is $20 per student, where 100% of the proceeds will be going to EERI for Earthquake research.

Apart from the successful completion of our project, the students will have a great opportunity to visit the university, meet and network with professors, part take in a challenging competition where they will have to design, construct and present their work to a fairly large audience.