TipOff – report bullying

A message from the Board:

What is TipOff?

At HWDSB, student safety is our top priority. Our goal is to make all schools safe, inclusive and respectful places for our students, staff and community.

We are pleased that many schools use mobile technology intended to encourage anonymous reporting of bullying and other incidents that may lead to unsafe conditions at our schools. Our TipOff service is a way to receive text messages, gather more information about the tip and share it with the school so that Board/school protocols can be implemented. Senders’ phone numbers are scrambled for anonymity.

We expect that this will result in safer schools because students can share tips without the fear of reprisal, judgment or discovery. Research tells us that when students, staff and parents are all involved in promoting a positive school environment, school can become a safer and more welcoming place.

TipOff will not provide counselling. It can, however, direct students in crisis to 911. It is not a substitute for school policies. Instead, it supports Board policies, such as the requirement that HWDSB have a way to receive anonymous reports of bullying. This information service will help schools collect tips and then address them in the same way a school would address a face-to-face tip.

TipOff Resources:


TipOff QR Code

Send a message to TipOff via:

Text message: 905-963-0066
Call: 905-963-0066
Smartphone app iOS link and Android link
Web chat

If this is an emergency, call 911.