Westmount Co-op Application Process

Steps to Landing a Co-op Placement at Westmount

*Most of this is completed the semester BEFORE your Co-op placement begins

  1. Complete the student information survey found at the following website:  https://goo.gl/x4gSqh or scan the code below.
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  3. Attend an Co-op Information Session. Sessions are usually held around mid-term the semester BEFORE your Co-op.
  4. Come to the Co-op office during Office Hours or contact your Co-op teacher through the school email system.  You can book your co-op interview by clicking on the following link: Co-op Interview Booking

or  scan the QR code below.

NOTE: You will need to sign in to your Google account

Co-op Interview Scheduler

Find Your Perfect Placement.

Here are some ideas to help you obtain a placement:

  • Talk to your family or friends.
  • We have binders with some job descriptions and some current employers looking for students
  • Talk to people working in places of interest to see if they would be interested in taking a co-op student on or learning more about the program
  • Let’s Brainstorm ideas …


Some of the larger employers in Hamilton offer what we call “Central Placements” (For example: Hamilton Health Sciences, St. Joseph’s Healthcare, City of Hamilton, Hamilton Police Services, Cable 14 and many more …). This means that the interviews for these positions are coordinated through the Public and Separate school board offices. Students may apply for positions using a separate form and will attend a formal interview for placements. These organizations set specific application due dates!

  1. Specialized programs (Healthcare Support, Building Careers From the Ground Up, Militia Co-op, as well as Accelerated OYAP Programs) require separate applications which are available from Guidance Counselors or Co-op teachers. These programs have specific application deadlines!


Employers are looking for students who have a great attitude toward work, are willing to learn, and are responsible and dependable. Some will inquire about your school attendance record and teacher references. How you present yourself at the interview is important!


  • Start the process early and stick with it until you have landed a placement
  • Keep in contact with your co-op teacher
  • Stay on track in your courses this semester as carryovers and Co-op don’t mix

Students who have participated in the Co-op program will tell you that it is the best experience they had in high school. It has opened their eyes to the working world. It is great to act like and be treated like a responsible adult. The Co-op experience has added new meaning to courses and reinforced post-secondary direction.


Join our team!