Central Placements

Central Placement for Semester 2 2015

Students interested in applying for a Central Placement must complete a Central Placement Application along with their Westmount Co-op Application package.

Please see Mrs. Boehm in the Co-op office for full descriptors.


City of Hamilton – Application Deadline November 24th

  • Cemetery Administration – Assist in data entry, research, etc. for the 67+ cemeteries maintained by the Operations staff within City of Hamilton (1 AM & 1 PM placement)
  • Gage Park Greenhouses – Help in the maintaining and growing of our annual plant production; watering, pruning, pinching, and cleaning (2 AM & 2 PM placements)
  • Provincial Offences Office – Clerical duties consisting of filing, sorting documents, attending court, computer inquiries (1 AM placement)
  • Finance & Administration – Assist with excel spreadsheet verifications, filing, data input; student should have strong math skills and experience with Excel (1 PM placement)
  • Animal Care Attendant – Assist Animal Services with cleaning and care responsibilities; focus on domestic cats (1 AM placement)
  • Tourism Assistant – Update local tourism publications and website; updates in database; receive and answer routine inquiries from tourists at counter (1 AM placement)
  • Hamilton Water Assistant – Set up new filing system for training files; other clerical duties (1 PM placement)
  • Parking & Bylaw Assistant – data input; using Word and Excel spreadsheets; other clerical duties; hands on enforcement through ride-alongs with departmental officers (3 PM placements)


Crown Attorney’s Office – Application Deadline November 27th

  • As a co-op student, some of your tasks will include:  Assisting in the file room; Assisting Crown Attorneys with photocopying; Deliveries to courtroom; If work is caught up, students may have an opportunity to observe court proceedings!
    • One AM and one PM placement available.
    • Student must be in Grade 12 with a career interest in business, law or policing as some matters are very sensitive.
    • Placements with the Crown Attorney’s Office are considered “Central Placements” so interested students will need to complete a Central Placement Application as well as the Westmount Application Package
    • The application deadline is November 27th. This means that an application must be received by the HWDSB Board Office by this date at the latest. So, to ensure that your application is considered, submit your application before this date.
    • Come to see Ms. Boehm in the co-op office ASAP if you are interested in applying for a semester 2 Co-op placement at the Crown Attorney’s Office!



Hamilton Health Sciences – Application Deadline November 21st

  • Volunteer Resources – St. Peter’s – Visiting with patients; assisting patients to Therapeutic Recreation activities; escorting patients throughout the hospital
  • Security – MUMC – Assist with code situations and routine patrols; parking enforcement; theft investigations; office protocols; report writing
  • Pre-Op Clinic – MUMC – Creating and collating preop clinic patient education packages; collaborating with nurses, business clerks and physicians to organize paperwork
  • Pharmacy – MUMC – Assist in drug distribution activities; assist in preparation of pharmaceutical solutions and ointments; fill in drug information cards; check record sheets
  • Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology – MUMC – Data entry; learn medical terminology; telephone and reception activities
  • School Room – MUMC – working with children grades JK-8;lesson preparation with teacher supervision; preparing resources; classroom displays
  • Family Resource Center – Chedoke – assisting families in finding information relevant to their child’s illness or disability and with signing in/out resources; reshelving resources, cataloguing resources and monitoring brochures/pamphlet resources to organize and develop the information collection; assist in marketing activities such as mailing, notices, displays, etc.; assist with special projects
  • Volunteer Resources/Snack Cart – General and Juravinski – Greeting and visiting patients; pushing the snack cart; making change/responsible for a small float; good customer service; library cart
  • Hematology/Oncology – Juravinski


  • If you are interested in applying to any of these placements, a specific Central Placement Application must accompany your Westmount Co-op Application package.
  • The application deadline is November 27th. This means that an application must be received by the HWDSB Board Office by this date at the latest. So, to ensure that your application is considered, submit your application to the co-op office before this date.
  • Be sure to consider the location of the HHS hopsital before selecting a placement to apply to
  • Successful candidates will be required to complete an Comunicable Diseases Form with his/her family doctor (this will include the results of a 2-step TB test)
  • Come to see Mrs. Boehm in the co-op office ASAP if you are interested in applying for a semester 2 Co-op placement at HHS!

Cable 14 – Application Deadline November 17th

  • Studio – Opportunity to learn about graphic generation, audio production, camera work, studio sets. Usually Monday – Thursday 2-5 pm at Dundas St. studio, but some Friday and weekday evening productions.
  • Mobile – Sports productions, specials, Hamilton City Council; late afternoons, evenings and some weekends
  • Hamilton Life – Lifestyle magazine show; opportunity to learn about daily television production, working on a full studio crew, guest coordination and researching. Weekday mornings 8:30-11:30.



Hamilton Police Services

Use of Force Training Assistant – Set up range, gymnasium and classroom for daily use of force training sessions; maintain training records; complete inventory of equipment and supplies

1 AM Placement (Monday – Thursday, 8:00-12:00) and 1 PM Placement (Monday – Thursday, 8:00-12:00)

Application Due: November 12th

Interview Date: Monday, November 24th

Training Branch Assistant – Assist with OPC & HPS course preparation, execution & conclusion; File co-ordination and cataloging of course material ; Prepare power points & word documents ; Develop and maintain training library; Assist with set-up and participate in Training related scenario based practical exercises; Maintain cleanliness of training facilities & resources

PM Placement only (Monday – Thursday, 1:00-4:00)

Application Due: November 19th

Interview Date – Monday, December 1st between 1:30-4:00


St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton – Applications deadline November 13th

  • Nursing Research Office – Experience working with a nurse research and other researchers, educators and clinicians; learn about dissemination of research evidence; learn about the mental health system and mental health issues; learn about research ethics; observe research team meetings, education planning meetings, project management and teleconferences AM or PM
  • Anxiety Treatment and Research Center – Experience working in an outpatient mental health clinic; learn about how patients are referred to the clinic and the various stages leading to treatment; observe clinical services, clinical team meetings, and staff rounds AM
  • Audiology – Observe a department that provides consultation, assessment, and treatment related to hearing, hearing aids, and assistive listening devices; learning opportunities through medical office duties and outpatient clinics AM
  • Complex Care/Recreation Therapy – Shadow nurses, physiotherapy assistants, and recreation therapists; assist with patient care doing duties that may include activities organized by the recreation therapist; assist with charts PM 1:00-4:00
  • Diagnostic Imaging – Greet patients; instruct patients on the registration process; help direct patients; observe Diagnostic Imaging tests AM
  • Financial Services – Pulling Accounts Payable invoices and/or Payroll Information; verifying data received from Ministry of Health; inputting data into Excel and/or Access 1AM & 1PM
  • General Internal Medicine – Tour all areas; Learn about and observe patient care and treatment in in-patient and ambulatory areas; learn about and observe treatments/tests being done for the medical patients 2AM & 2PM
  • Men’s Withdrawal Management Program – Accepting students in grade 12 only (high level of maturity required) PM
  • Kidney Urinary (Nephrology, Renal Transplant, Urology, Dialysis) – Learn about and observe treatments/tests being done for kidney/urinary diseases; learn about and observe patient care in in-patient and ambulatory areas; learn about patient charts; observe staff in varying roles AM
  • Speech Language Pathology – Assist in the outpatient pediatric program (preparing if therapy and materials for children, assisting in therapy activites); Assist in Adult Program (set up equipment for swallowing studies, assisting in the voice clinic); Assist in departmental support activities AM
  • Outpatient Pharmacy – Observe pharmacists and technicians; learn about medications and how they work; learn about customer service and inventory control AM or PM
  • Stay Well Program – King Campus – Experience working in an up-to-date outpatient geriatric department; learn about and observe patient care from diagnosis to treatment and evaluation of patient; learn about various age-related health issues and pathologies 2AM & 2PM
  • Womankind Addiction Services – experience with Withdrawal Management Service and Addiction treatment; observation; administrative tasks PM
  • Human Resource – WSIB – Exposure to various WSIB claims; learn about accident investigations; assist in WSIB training; maintain records electronically AM


SPCA – Application Dealine November 12th

  • Adoptions – Direct customer contact; adoptions processing; data entry; telephone support; applicants must have great people and problem solving skills; excellent computer skills (1 PM placement)
  • Dog Assessments – To assist with evaluating dogs’ personalities and temperaments through a structured program. Must be very comfortable with dogs of various sizes and strengths. Must be computer literate and have an interest in photography (1 AM placement – 8 am to 11 am)
  • Companion Animal Hospital – For students who are interested in a career as Veterinarian or Veterinary Technician; assist staff with surgery prep and recovery; must be comfortable with large animals of various sizes and strengths (2 AM – 8 am to 11 am, 1 PM placement – 1 pm to 4 pm)
  • Dog Kennel – Daily cleaning and feeding of animals; rotate dogs to the outdoor pens; assist with laundry, dishes and enrichment programs; ability to handle dogs of various sizes and strengths (2 AM, 1 PM placement)
  • Cat Kennel – Daily cleaning and feeding of animals; assist with laundry, dishes and enrichment programs; able to bend and lift heavy items (2 AM placements)
  • Development/Special Teams – Assist development team with administrative duties; must be competent in Word and excel, have attention to detail and be accuracy focused with confident communication skills (1 PM placement)