Carryover & SCFP protocol

Please see page 120 of your student planner for details:


Students who do not finish core subjects (& select other subjects) second semester (or if carried over course wasn’t available second semester) may be eligible to finish one or more courses in the SCFP which generally runs the first two weeks of July, for 6 hours per day. Students must attend daily for the duration of the program. Students must work on one carryover at a time or headstart a course, submitting up to one unit maximum per day. A carryover must be authorized first by the current semester teacher, and then the carryover form must be completed and signed and brought to the guidance counsellor along with the SCFP registration form. Course availability (subject to enrollment) and registration forms are available starting in early June in the guidance office.

Carryover/Summer Carry Forward Program (SCFP) Guide:

* Obtain carryover form & book appointment to see guidance counsellor

* Bring SIGNED (by teacher(s) & parent) form to guidance appt.

* If planning to COMPLETE or PROGRESS in a course in our SCFP, bring a SIGNED (by parent) SCFP form to guidance appt. WITH your carryover form (if second semester)

* Up to 9 units MAXIMUM (with the exception of Civics or Careers at 10 units) may be submitted in SCFP (one unit/day max) and only one course may be in progress at one time – so, if you have more than one carryover, you can do them one after another as long as you are not submitting more than 9 units as a combined total

* If fewer than 9 units need to be completed in a course, you must headstart a new course – attendance is mandatory for all 9 days of SCFP

* Students who started a course late (headstarted) still need to submit a carryover form

* If you do not have a guidance appointment booked by the last day of work submission, then you must see your counsellor during “carryover week” (see dates in planner) for ALL guidance issues, including carryover and summer school registration – students will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis

If you have any questions after reading this protocol, your counsellor or advisor can help clarify.